I never knew I would get hooked with the game until I first tried playing three years ago. I was still a resident in Internal Medicine when one of the lady Surgery Consultants asked me if I know how play badminton. Recalling that I did some basic badminton in my childhood and also played the game only once or twice the year before, I gave it a shot. 
With my heavy badminton racket with me, I joined them. There were other residents from different departments as well. Some of my senior residents, who, of course, only wanted to sweat their fat away. I saw the Surgery Consultant, Dale, with her friend Jo (a lady Pediatrician) already at the badminton court. My jaw fell when I saw them playing. 
“Are these women?” I said to myself. they looked pretty in their outfits but, more like an amazon warrior whenever they move and hit the shuttlecock! They stood out from the ‘beginners” of the game. 
I humbly admit, that my status then was not even  a beginner by their standard!

Dale gave me a bit of a refresher course in the scoring over some pizzas the friendly medical representative (med rep) sponsors brought us. Then we played. I thought I could never sweat enough! I had cramps! My right arm hurt! To think that I was just in the court for (maybe) around five minutes. Meanwhile, these two amazons didn’t even break a sweat!
I was challenged. From then on, I initiated the dates of our games. When and where to play. Who to play with. At first, it was limited to doctors and med reps. Then, when they weren’t available, I found other people to play with. The nursing staff, the non medical staff, and almost everyone I knew who play badminton at my hospital played with me.
I fell in love with the sport. Gained new friends in the process. I recalled playing I have travelled even to Vigan, Ilocos Sur to paly with good friends. There was this one time we started playing at 12 noon and finished at 8 pm! Felt my whole body ache the next day. 
I was addicted! If passion and addiction were the same, I would have used them interchageably! Learned a few tricks here and there as I play with other people. I also gave up my heavy racket for a light weight one. Had to do some research with what racket to use. As a smasher I needed one that would hit hard as I swing it. 
After I graduated from my residency training, my love for the game didn’t. I kept playing and improving. Four trophies and three medals later, I know that there will always be room for improvement.
Wanna play?
* thanks to mendel simpauco for providing the picture!
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4 replies to “Badminton”

  1. Jena Isle replied:

    Wow, the winning form, you should have posted also the awarding of your trophy. Teka…a doctor, writer and a badminton champion…ladies what are you waiting for,,lol…kidding.

    More power and more articles, and more winnings.

    God bless.

  2. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thank you Jen!
    I hope to win our little contest. maybe we should join another contest at helium and see who will get the higher rank?

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. tashabud replied:

    Great form there, doc. Hee, hee. I tried to play raquet ball a few times, but just for fun–mostly just hitting the ball back and forth. I’d be scared to get hit with those balls. Surely be major pain.

    Congratulations for winning three trophies. So, did you ever beat those two females?


  4. zorlone replied:

    Sorry for replying this late. Eventually, I did. he he he! have a nice day!

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