My Pet Dog “Chikoy”

Is haiku your type of poem? 

I have written one about my pet. 
You can read it by clicking at the picture below. 

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11 replies to “My Pet Dog “Chikoy””

  1. Brosreview replied:

    Nice one!!! All the characteristics revealed!!!

  2. Jena Isle replied:

    adorable, you should post this too at AC.

  3. LORENZO replied:

    So many poems about cats, cool to hear one about a pup! Thanks for sharing-LL

  4. zorlone replied:

    Hey Ajey,

    Thank you! You’ve been busy this weekend huh? A new song with an insanely creative picture! Cool!


    You mean at helium? Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks! That is my actual pet “Chikoy”


    Yup, I am a dog person. hehehe.


  5. Poetic Shutterbug replied:

    I have just one word – PRECIOUS!

  6. zorlone replied:

    Hello Jo Anne,

    I agree with you. A pet owner would know the feeling.



  7. Alexandra Garland replied:

    Nice haiku and a lovely photo of your pooch!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. zorlone replied:

    Hi Alex,

    Nice to see you again here! Thank you! Chikoy is just so sweet!

    I’m glad you liked the pic and the haiku.


  9. Joy Smith aka The Insane Writer replied:

    Returning the favor of dropping in for a visit. Cute dog. I have yet to be able to read your writing, but will soon. I have been working on my novel again, lately. I’m hoping to have it published by summer.

  10. Twinks replied:

    Brilliant poem. Such a cutie furry dog! Yay! Have a great weekend :)

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  11. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thank you Twinks! I’m glad you liked it. Enjoy the weekend too!


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