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I inhaled a feeling of uncertainty,

braving the risks of a fleeting freedom.

Troubled thoughts that once consumed me,

to bathe in a sweet enthralled plasm.

Tiptoed blindly to a desperate addiction,

paraded in a zealous demeanor.

Engulfed by overwhelming satisfaction,

to forget a tangible human factor.

I inhaled this feeling of certainty,

to bathe in this sweet seduction.

I danced to the high it brought me,

this drug that fueled my imagination.

I swam in a shallow reef of desperation,

this body, wounded, bruised, tortured.

Paraded zealously in a guised fashion,

finally forgotten this tangible human factor.

I awoke, alone, hurt, and infinitely broken,

still bleeding from the hurt I once knew.

My drugs left me dry, this body – softened,

a lesson painfully learned -  anew.

I inhaled a feeling of uncertainty.

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24 replies to “Recovery”

  1. madz replied:

    Hi Z,

    You really love poetry right? Are you a professor? You have a very deep vocabulary. I love reading your thoughts through your poems. I once loved creating some pieces during my high school days.

    Ü madz Ü

  2. jodapoet replied:

    The traditional style on this poem is great. It’s so difficult to pull of tradition with modern day passions yet you have so eloquently achieved it with this poem. I really enjoyed this piece.

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  3. Brosreview replied:

    Ah! I loved it from Line 1, mate. Damn addiction – too much of anything is indeed good for nothing. Great job!!! Keep writing!!!

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  4. rosilie replied:

    Gosh! You reminded me of someone who is quite intelligent, now a doctor but loves poetry too.Hahahhahah!

    BTW, your prizes are on their way. I hope you love them. Congrats again doc! 8-) :-D ;)

  5. robin replied:

    Absolutely wonderful. Such great flow and emotion…

    Recent blog post: Running Scared

  6. Izzy replied:

    Haha nice dude. that is pretty tight! I havn’t read a lot of poetry for while and quite truthfully I didn’t fully understand what you were getting at, but the transitions are really good!

  7. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Call me Professor Z. LOL. Just kidding. I am a doctor, but I would like to give teaching a try. I presented lectures before, but I think my style was a bit boring.

    Most of my poetry was in high school, but I think I made some way back in my elementary days. The problem with me was that if none of my friends do it, I lose interest.


  8. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hello Joanne,

    Thank you very much! I am honored by your presence here in my blog. :) O:-) :)


  9. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hey AJ,

    Yup, been listening to so many lessons from a lot of people about addiction so, I thought I’d hand roll this one and share it with the readers that pass by my blog. Hoping the “high” this brings them will make them come back for more. He he he.

    Thanks man!


  10. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hello Rosilie,

    Thank you so much! Wow, I wonder who that particular someone I remind you of. hehehe. Share some more? ;)

    Cool! I’d be looking forward to them. Yahoo!


  11. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thank you Robin.
    I wanted to connect with my readers with this one. I hope I did justice to the emotions.

    Z O:-)

  12. Zorlone replied: (post author)


    This might not be your cup of tea. I really appreciate the time you spent on my blog. Maybe this type of writing would grown on you. hehehe. you might be Izzy Daniels the poet in the making.


  13. floreta replied:

    captured the feelings nicely! no matter the feeling it can’t fix the problem!

  14. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hello Floreta,

    There are several feelings intertwined from this poem. I was surprised how it turned out… I guess I have an addiction too.

    Z >:o

    Recent blog post: Recovery

  15. Angel replied:

    I could really relate to this poem. I loved the very last stanza, but it was the last line that grabbed me. With recovery and addiction, there is such a feeling of uncertainty. I understood completely. Keep up the nice writing!


    Recent blog post: Coming Back to life

  16. Alexandra Garland replied:

    Good stuff Z!!! I loved it!! Recognizing the veneer from the real thing… good wake up for many. Great writing!! Thanks for sharing,

    Recent blog post: Friends

  17. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hi Angel,

    I’m glad that you liked it. Yes, this poem was dedicated to those who have experienced or who are currently struggling with this dilemma.

    Thanks for the compliment.


    Recent blog post: Recovery

  18. Jena Isle replied:

    Vivid imagery and representation. It makes the reader “feel” what the author wants to convey. Keep writing! ;)

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  19. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    I am glad you liked this poem. It’s hard to keep telling people what to do, so I am just letting the flow of the emotions of what might go on inside the mind of an addict.

    Thank you Alex!


    Recent blog post: Recovery

  20. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Jena,

    I learn form the best. ;)


    Recent blog post: Recovery

  21. dragonblogger replied:

    Excellent poem as usual, full range of expression from an addict before, during and after the drug.

  22. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks dragonblogger!

    Coming from someone I look up to online, that really means a lot.


    Recent blog post: Insanity Road

  23. tasha replied:

    We all have some form of addiction, be it with drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, blogging, gambling, the feelings are all the same, I think. We get the feelings “highs” and the “lows” from them. We struggle to fight them when we think they’re getting out of hand that they’re affecting the quality of our lives.

    Great poem.


    Recent blog post: 32. Makenna’s Fourth Day

  24. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    HI Tasha,

    Okay, this is what I learned so far, when somebody complements you, it would be the correct response to say acknowledge it. So, Thank you for liking my poem.

    And it should not inflate my head too. LOL

    I have been having this feeling of addiction from blogging. he he he. Well, that and badminton. I tried to channel the feeling into a poem and import what I know about drug addiction for the full effect. hehehe.

    Thank you for dropping by, as always your presence here is very much welcome.


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