Thank you!


Gratitudes are pleasure cruises,

departing for holiday fun.

Sailing beyond boundaries,

to bring forth tales from the sun.

Sweet smiles and parading kisses,

given by ladies with crowns.

Waving endless thank yous,*

in their magnificent gowns.

Hands firmly shook gingerly,

each arm extended anew.

Traffic bestowed upon lines,

for speakers to say thank you.

A debonair stood up – head held high,

grabbed the mic and humbly said.

“I thank you for the nomination,

now let’s make these words spread.”

*I added an “s” to you for poetic drama (if such a phrase exists)

Miss Janette Toral started the “Top 10 Emerging Influential blogs for 2009 Writing Project” The aim of this endeavor is to look for new blogs that are gaining a considerable amount of readership and influence. She said further, “They also blog for various reasons such as expression of thoughts, sharing of knowledge and insights, events reporting or coverage, and some for profit.”

Thank you for the nomination I got from Roy of Struggling blogger and Paul of Paulnatic.

As a blogger who now focus on creative writing, I humbly accept this nomination and perhaps be the voice of all the writers in my niche. 

I shall be adding more information to this list. 

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34 replies to “Thank you!”

  1. Roy replied:

    You deserve Doc Z

    Like I said, the creative writing division should have a strong representative ;)

    Recent blog post: Fatherlyours and Webpinas

  2. Izzy replied:

    well congratz on winning man. I have one question though…why do you have that “I don’t participate in blog awards” widget then? just thought I’d throw that out there, but ya, good luck with everything

  3. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Roy! I will make that as my tagline or campaign line. Whatever, di ko
    alam ang tawag e. hehehe.

  4. Brosreview replied:

    Congrats! Good Luck continuously!!!

    Recent blog post: Unknown

  5. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    blog awards are those that are being passed around to other bloggers. eg. “your blog rocks award,” “blog king award,” and so on. this contest which i was nominated for is more of a recognition to the “blogger.” how in a short period of time, has made his mark in the blogosphere and influenced a readership or a “following.”

    blog awards are given as appreciation, links, return links, etc (so i was told hehehe)

    this contest, well, it is a contest. you have to earn and campaign for it, not simply given to you.

    i hope i made it clear. hehehe.

    Thanks dude!



    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  6. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks AJ! Getting nominated is one, campaigning and getting more votes is another. hehehe. 8-)

    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  7. Lorenzo replied:

    You mentioned that you were moving Are you making a wesite or switching to WordPress?
    I agree with your stance on Blog awards. Just way too many out there. I appreciate it when someone sends my way, but I don’t post it or continue passing it on. Hope all is well, Lorenzo.

    Recent blog post: THE KID FRIENDLY DENTIST

  8. Holly replied:

    Congratulations, Z! So glad to see you receiving this honor as well. :)

    Recent blog post: Get the Log Out of Your Eye

  9. jan geronimo replied:

    Try this, Doc Z: Janette Toral’s writing project is the Big Momma of all blog awards.

    It has zing. Impact. Drama. Suspense. Breadth and scope – amazing.

    Doc Z, this is your surrogate child – Do what you must with it as regards its content, focus, and ways of promoting it.

    I even wish I had the guts to put up a widget “Thanks, but I don’t participate in blog awards” on my sidebar sometimes.

    But I dont. Because I’m not accountable to anybody. And I don’t have to explain myself – if I don’t feel the need to.

    You’ve been a great father to your blog, Doc Z. Congratulations.

    Recent blog post: Top Pick: Walk in the Dark with Luke

  10. jan geronimo replied:

    Hi Izzy,

    At this point I have yet to get the optimum level of caffeine in my blood to be able to think properly. So let’s see what my fave guys have to say. Sabi nga ni Oscar Wilde, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

    At ito naman ang sabi ni R. W. Emerson: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

    And yes, I’ve Googled it, to be sure I’ve got it right. “,)

    At the end of the day, it’s his blog. He can even hold a fire-eating contest here – Doc Z might just surprise us one of these days.

    We can only suggest and recommend. And watch from the sidelines – amused, befuddled, flabbergasted, or charmed. Bowled over, too.

    I really must have that coffee now. Please excuse me. :)

    Recent blog post: Top Pick: Walk in the Dark with Luke

  11. Snow replied:

    Hey you deserved it Doctor Z. Hay, nahihirapan tuloy ako ngayon, puede bang top 20 na lang kasi! >:o :-D 8-)

    Recent blog post: Bloggery Buzz of the Week (05.16.2009)

  12. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    HI there Lorenzo!
    I even made a short story about it. “Flood and Traffic are Tears and
    Choices.” I found a way to thank the bloggers who gave me blog awards.
    Thank you for dropping by. I enjoyed your latest poem.

  13. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Holly! True, the nomination in itself is an honor. ;)

  14. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Jan,
    I may be the father, but this blog has godparents too! ;)

  15. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Snow! I can’t even make a top five list. Am just learning new
    bloggers from our dear friends. hehehe. I’m sure you’d be able to choose
    your list on your own. After all, dearbloggery has seen a lot of blogs and
    met a lot of bloggers, online and in person more than I have.
    Congrats again!

  16. Lucrecio Emerito replied:

    This is great, Z. Good luck to you and to all our nominated Knights. 8-) But seriously, doc, that’s a lot of chicks you got there in that pic. ;) So, Ophthalmologist ka pala?

    Recent blog post: About How This Blog Came To Be

  17. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    No Luke, this picture was taken from my Ophtha/photographer friend. if you
    click on the word “debonair” you’ll be directed to his flicker account.
    Thanks! I do hope that all our Knights would be able to make it to the list.
    hehehe. More reasons to eat pizza and burgers. hehehe

  18. Scotty's Princess replied:

    In 2008, I nominated 10 blogs for this very prestigious Project. Out of 10 that I nominated, one came out victorious. Our very own Bariles Man- made it to the 2008 Top 10 Most Emerging Influential Blogs…

    I will have to be on the lookout again for my 2009 nominations ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

    Siempre, puede ba namang wala ang blog mo? Hehehe! COngratz on the 2 nominations that you’ve got so far, Dokie. More nominations coming your way in the coming days.

    Way to go! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Recent blog post: Blogger of the Year: Windmill on the Hill

  19. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Whoo hooo! :) Talaga? Wow! And somebody from the south too! Thanks Lainy!
    Malayo pa naman e. hehehe.

  20. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Ah… I might not switch to wordpress soon. :( one of the rules for this new contest I got myself into is to stay put. hehehe. Until, the contest ends. So, I don't know what to do with my domains.

    Z >:o

  21. Scotty's Princess replied:

    Hmmm, Dokie, I think you ought to READ this one:

    I DON'T PARTICIPATE IN BLOG AWARDS: Recent blog post: Blogger of the Year: Windmill on the Hill

  22. Scotty's Princess replied:

    But of course! I don’t just nominate someone I know…. I have my own criteria, hahahaha! Recent blog post: Blogger of the Year: Windmill on the Hill

  23. Scotty's Princess replied:

    Hmmm… U can have a status quo for this blog and get the other domains going. You will have 4 new domains all in all, that is, if you opt not to have the other 2 domains converted to cash… Am I Right?Recent blog post: Blogger of the Year: Windmill on the Hill

  24. Bingkee replied:

    I just started reading your blog recently —about 3 wweeks ago when I saw your name on the comments of Jan’s blog. They’re all over. Congrats on your nomination. I hope you win too. I like bloggers whose blogs I read to win.

    Recent blog post: WHEN AMERICANS GO TO SCHOOL

  25. Scotty's Princess replied:

    I will let you know once the post is up. Dati kasi ang ginawa ko, I let the readers nominate then I included them in my list. I had my own list na, mga 5 ata yon then ung kulang came from the readers… Eto yong link: Recent blog post: Blogger of the Year: Windmill on the Hill

  26. jodapoet replied:

    Congrats! to you, you certainly deserve it and so much more :)

    Recent blog post: Ships Along Hyde Street Pier And San Francisco Bay

  27. Roy replied:

    I agree Doc Z, like what I told Jan…

    “What’s another blog to maintain?” ;)

    you don’t have to leave this blog now

  28. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Bingkee!

    I knew Jan from Jenaisle and Roy. He is an influential blogger too. I hope he wins.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Z O:-)

    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  29. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hello Joanne,

    Thank you very much. Coming from someone I read, that means a lot. =-X


    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  30. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Of course Lainy, follow your criteria. Maybe you can share them to me too? 8-) The decision to get nominations from your readers is a good way of finding out who exactly you’ll add.


    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  31. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Got that Lainy, thanks for the heads up.

    Z ;)

    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  32. Zorlone replied: (post author)


    Thanks for the suggestion. I am planning something for the other domains. I’ll let you know via mail or when I catch you online.


    Another blog? My other blog is still not doing anything. hehehe. Resting in the net. Waiting for daddy to come home.


    Recent blog post: Thank you!

  33. Jena Isle replied:

    Hurray for the nomination! :) :) :) :)

    Recent blog post: Important Pointers in Buying a Fleece Jacket

  34. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thank you so much Jena! ;)

    And thank you for nominating me too. You have always been here for me. Through the best and worst of times.

    Recent blog post: Trader’s Hub

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