Each stroke struggled to escape,
alternating smooth and rough roads.
Pedaled through stinging heat and insulting rain,
coins clinked from shallow pocket loads.

Passengers burdened – gifts unrelenting,
through steep alleys and flooded back streets.
Stomach growled while driving at wits end,
barking away at landmarks – aesthete.

Eyesores rushed earnestly though traffic,
hopes and dreams walked upon.
Struggled against fatigue and hunger,
tightly guarded spare change wisdom.

Stepped inside a sorrowful ride,
to destinations of forgotten passengers.
Sadness fueled a pathetic desperation,
called out and delivered laughter.

A push and prayer kept this moving,
life made easier to live – not here.
Toothless bites of authorities thrown,
refuge to such, year after year.

Forgotten moments desired to find,
flashbacks of enriching thoughts.
Wishing clueless and hoping for more,
to fly above heavens sought.

*definition of padyak found here

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33 replies to “Padyak”

  1. ryan replied:

    Lovely poem. I dig the visual cues and charged descriptors – burdened, unrelenting, pathetic, toothless, enriching. It’s very intimate from line to line, while feeling strangely distanced as a whole.

    Recent blog post: Writing Exercise for Monday, May18th 2009

  2. Brosreview replied:

    Ah, I like the imagery in this one. I love it because it is not direct. You can still interpret this is any other theme. Nice job Z. Keep writing!!!

    Recent blog post: Defiance

  3. Scotty's Princess replied:


    I thought paalis ka?

  4. Scotty's Princess replied:

    Padyak… Well described… I love the way you played with the words… Recent blog post: MM- Officially Missing You- Tamia

  5. floreta replied:

    well i learned something today cos i didn’t know padyak! i know tricycab though :) interesting subject for a poem! i like it! i always felt kinda bad for tricycab drivers esp. when they’re uphill!! i doubt i could pedal myself let alone passengers!!

    Recent blog post: Archive Monday: Boobies

  6. Roy replied:

    did you have any altercation with these people which insired the poem? :-D

    this is one proof that you deserved to be nominated Z!

    You rock!

    Recent blog post: For The One Who Walks In The Dark

  7. fifi replied:

    i hopped from jan’s blog. in our place, we call it ‘trisikad’ as in ‘sikad’ = to pedal. then in our school we call it ‘princess2x’ because riding on it makes one exposed to the world like in a parade. you write good poems, it takes some talent to do that.

    Recent blog post: bordering between thinness and madness

  8. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    You got here first. Cool! Thank you for the kind words. I have edited this poem so many times, I kept trying to capture how I really felt through the words, but, am satisfied with this one for now.

    Hope to see you back here.

    Z 8-)

  9. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Yup, I was trying not to be too close to the subject, but trying to keep distant. Ooops, this is not a painting or photography, but, poetry is like that for me, since we can’t capture the moment or the feeling we have on a subject matter.

    I appreciate your comments AJ!

    Rock on!


  10. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    It was a quick… consultation ;) ;) ;)

  11. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Lainy! That is indeed what happened. Play of words until, they fit. Or sort of fit.

    Z :-D

  12. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    That’s how we call them here in Malabon and in Obando. Our city is below the sea level and it gets flooded a lot. So there are padyaks with huge tires, not this picture, that can effortlessly drive on a midcalf high rain water. Cool huh?

    I tried doing that once, pedaling uphill, I had to ask my passengers to get off. LOL.

    thanks floreta! 8-)

  13. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    He he he! No.

    Thanks Roy! I seem to slip away from the woof place, but, still hanging on. You are a very dramatic and a hard working poet yourself. ;) Birds of the same feather, huh?


  14. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks fifi!
    It did. I posted this poem after midnight. Went back several times to edit. LOL.

    Yup, there are different names in different regions and provinces, but the side car, padyak, trisikad, tricycab, etc are part of the Filipino culture. hehehe. This is just me showing this to the world.


  15. Deeptesh replied:

    Nice one.We call it the rickshaw here in India.I’m jumpy now cause my results 4 the board exam come out 2moro on the net at 11 am IST.My college n career depend on what happens 2moro!!!!1 :)

  16. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Hey, will be praying for you deeptesh!
    Thanks! Ah, seen the decorative rickshaw in India in one of the Natgeo or
    discov episodes. hehehe. Nothing like the power of the human body earning
    decent money.

  17. Lucrecio Emerito replied:

    I think a potential candidate has read this poem about pedicabs. What I don’t know is if he could truly relate with this poem in the same way that a padyaker could.

    Recent blog post: About How This Blog Came To Be

  18. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Wow, saying that Luke means my blog has somehow reached their party. he he
    he. I am still looking for a better picture. Here in Malabon, you can find
    more colorful and taller padyaks on the roads. I will look for one asap. LOL

  19. Scotty's Princess replied:

    Ahhh, kaya naman pala… :)

  20. Strawberry Girl replied:

    Visually descriptive work, love it!! :D

    Recent blog post: Prairie Roots

  21. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks a lot SG.

    Z ;)

    Recent blog post: Padyak

  22. Snow replied:

    Ahhh the padyak boys…here in Taguig we just called them tricycle drivers. ;) Nice poem… :)

    Recent blog post: A Review: La Luz Beach Resort

  23. robin replied:

    Wow. Your imagery was fantastic… pulled me right in…
    Loved it.

    Recent blog post: Forever

  24. Alexandra Garland replied:

    Hi Z,
    Love this one!! Escape is on thoughts of so many. If they are lucky to know different life they can dream of it and try to take action. We don’t really know how badly people want to escape until we see that ourselves or live that experience. Very well written!!

    Recent blog post: Puppet Show

  25. Dinah replied:

    Your poem inspired vivid images. Nalungkot tuloy ako. Naalala ko yung bata sa padyak ni Mar Roxas. At nung maalala ko si Mar Roxas, nainis naman ako!

    Recent blog post: Rough Road in Rodriguez, Rizal

  26. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Yup snow, they come in different names and sizes. LOL. But they are all the same hardworking men on the streets earning decent cash.


    Recent blog post: WOOF Contest – Top Picks

  27. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks robin!
    Would have wanted to keep you reading here. Always a pleasure to see you.


    Recent blog post: WOOF Contest – Top Picks

  28. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    I wanted that feeling to be seen here.

    A driver can only wish for a different life,
    while he lives the present.
    A poet like us travel worlds ends,
    a luxury seen every moment.

    Escape is the mind that wanders forever
    but knows how to look back to the self
    To dream is to eventually become
    ones own master and worth.

    got a bit carried away. hehehe

    Z O:-)

    Recent blog post: WOOF Contest – Top Picks

  29. jan geronimo replied:

    Ah, the lowly padyak driver. Why do I feel a personal affinity to his life?

    Blogging can sometimes be likened to padyak. Does anybody feel the same? Not to unduly gross out anyone, but this says it for my padyak blogging woes:

    “A push and prayer kept this moving,
    life made easier to live – not here.”

    I maybe off, but hey, I don’t need sympathy. I can brave it through rain and flooded streets too. Simply because the act of writing is its own reward.

    Well done, Doc Z. :)

    Recent blog post: It is Done: Here’s Writing to Exhale Now

  30. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    Thanks Jan! Your presence is always welcome in my humble abode. This poem is
    applicable to a all of us in many ways. I’m glad you saw through it. But
    there are more stanzas and lines to decipher. hek hek hek…

  31. Jena Isle replied:

    I’m sorry but I’m reading this poem from a very different angle…lol…I’m too courteous to mention it here. Well done, doc.

    Recent blog post: Online Shopping for Comfortable and Durable Footwear

  32. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    I think I know what you mean… ;)

  33. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    I knew I replied to your comment before. I wonder why it’s gone.

    Anyway, thank you for liking-hating the poem. hehehe. Di ko nga maisip na ang bata na ganun e profound ang pagiisip. Henyo siguro. Medyo mature if you’d ask me.

    Z ;)

    Recent blog post: Trader’s Hub

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