Thank You Part 5

TAken with permission from jerbps flickr account

TAken with permission from jerbp's flickr account

Thank you to the people who have voted for Zorlone in the search for the emerging influential bloggers for 2009.



Perfect combination,
like cake and coffee.
Too sweet taste riches,
these flavors with serenity.

Life in the world,
technology made small.
Dreams spoken out loud,
held on tightly – a promise to all.



Writer of the testosterone poem,
I humbly submit these words freely.
How I enjoyed the different style you made,
to the huge letters that are just – manly!

As masculine as the hormone may be,
its functions are all essential.
To keep the flag up and the libido angry,
so that offsprings may be made natural.


I lift a pen without thinking
a decent proximity to begin.

How these words translate to praise,
this simple gesture that you made.

A truly honored humbled heart,
I send to you this kind regard.

Verses lifted from scratch to life,
a thankful poem I simply provide.

A young mom with sweet dreams,
of a bright future from a humble stream.
Instinct of a rightful desire,
motherly love both kids inspire.

A pleasure of hope and a melody of kindness,
surrounds this overflowing radiance.
You are the mother in their eyes,
saccharine serenades of your lullabies.


I heard myself rhyming inside my head,
these conjoined heart and mind’s creation – spread.

Lines reflecting natural goodness,
lifting up one’s own fullness.

Writing down words of crisp splendor,
were reflections of the self and honor.

A few words embraced in a solemn unity,
with a soulful truth and angel-like divinity.

I used to just say I dropped an egg,
when this fellow blogger meant differently.
Then I composed myself,
a list poem unintentionally.

It was a laugh, a private joke,
when nobody knew what it was about.
Then I published, and linked to that post,
so my dear readers wont stop and pout.

A few comments later, here and there,
this blogger friend stepped up and spoke.
Here is my idea of online friendship,
so I wrote you a poem, this post – evoked.

Current affairs blog,
Information at a glance,
on to the next news.


Generosity sometimes met by another,
gesture that one raises to honor.

Some lines of verses or stanzas of poems,
are all I can repay your selfless presence.

Thank you for the chance to exercise this privilege,
to be influential even just on this page.



Clouds step aside, flying in joy,
tranquil winds with breeze to enjoy.

Feathers on angel’s wings stroll by,
singing serenades and the sweetest lullabies.

A heaven doll, playing gleefully,
this little princess with such grace, such pageantry.

Only with snowflakes of mint and sugar,
does your lips part to smile from afar.


Bayan ang balita na puno ng sining,
itong matikas na lumikha ng pangarap na maituturing.

Buong pagasa ng bawat panaginip
ang paglipat sa ginhawa ng boses na may tinig.

Biyaya ng bunga ang bawat hangarin,
itong umaasang may ganap na tungkulin.

Bumalik na pagiisip ang kusang sinadya,
ang matalinhagang salita, ay di na pinangarap.

Bigyan ng isang dilang matalim at pusong may dangal,
iyong nilikha mo, sya ngayon ang magtatanghal.


ikaw ang tinawag
na bagong bayani
dahil ang sakripisyo mo,
ay dugo at pawis.

Di nila alam
ang matinding kalaban
ay ang mahiwalay ka
sa iyong mga mahal at bayan

mga araw dumaan
tila parang taon kung binibilang
unting libangan mo
ang sumulat at lumiham

at ipunin ang lahat
ng lungkot at pagiisip
ikuwento sa mundo
ang pamatay sa home sick.


Passionately masterful,
challenging one’s achievement,
endless eruption of brilliance,

Joanne Oliveri


Poetic and able, this humble place,
a fact of a willing able grace.

Sifting through dreamy lines – non tangible,
modern day memories to untangle.

Stories made about complete surrender,
through this ancient art, we appeal to master.

Written in space these letters may form,
knowledge of race, a light through a storm.

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7 replies to “Thank You Part 5”

  1. Dragon Blogger replied:

    I like that you took the time to do a little poem to each person, must have taken a long time to compile this one, did you win, I didn’t even see the post.

    1. Zorlone replied: (post author)

      It did Dragon Blogger! He he he. Good thing I already have the links from the comment sections of their blogs.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Crisiboy replied:

    woot! Congrats ulit for being one of the top emerging influential blogger..

    keep up the good work…mukang ayos ayos na tong blog mo..

  3. Jhong Medina replied:

    You really deserve to win Doc Z. I really attempted to make you one, it really turns out like spaghetti. How do you spell spaghetti? Tama ba? Pwede pansit nelang! Lol!

    More power to you Doc Z!

    1. Zorlone replied: (post author)


      i didn’t notice your comment until I looked at the spam section. LOL. Am still new here so forgive me for the delay. I love spaghetti! hehehe. Sana yung may meatballs and lots of tomato sauce. Sige pre, pwede sa akin yun. Please include the garlic bread. hehehe


  4. iva replied:

    congrats po, kuya :) i saw the photos on facebook :)

    1. Zorlone replied: (post author)

      Hi Iva,



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