RUNNING  A Poem by Zorlone

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My lungs
engulfed the fresh air
of the exhilaration -
of running.
A familiar bustle
of an old life,
that longed to reawaken.

The smell of rain
in the damp air,
and the sight of running feet
queued in transit.
Sweat and thrill of adrenaline,
with a steady heart beat and breathing.

Each stride
on this rubberized track,
caressed the soles of my worries.
A salty refreshing delight,
from this oval on a hill while running.

The pace of dynamic muscles,
lift the energy inside.
A reacquainted friend,
my shoes, the track, and running.

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5 replies to “Running”

  1. jan geronimo replied:

    That which needs to be reawakened and that needs to be stilled can both be conjured by running. You take care of the reawakening, I’d handle the matter of suppression. Deal? You’re a master of pushing buttons. But what do I expect really. You’re one of my favorite Filipino poets after all.

  2. MinnieRunner replied:

    And let me handle the running :D
    .-= MinnieRunner´s last blog ..Precious Jems =-.

  3. Zorlone replied: (post author)


    Thank you for the kind comment. I have just been able to access free wifi at a restaurant. It’s a bit expensive but it sure is worth the free internet connection.

    Ahhh… that’s right about pushing buttons. LOL


  4. Jena Isle replied:

    Hello Z,

    Active poem, running around the oval, on the beach? Sea air is therapeutic. lol

    Well, Jan, it’s not about pushing buttons but about giving a helping hand, what are friends and “family” for? I would appreciate it too, if it’s the other way around. Cheers…he he he
    .-= Jena Isle´s last blog ..The Perfect Lady =-.

  5. Zorlone replied: (post author)

    And a helping hand is what I need to maintain my sites. Thank you guys, you are indeed a blessing to me.


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