Architectural poems


Light and shadow in a path,

across a bridge that builds a gap.

Fighting a long forsaken wrath,

unseen from a traveler’s map.

Engaged with words and swords,

battle with brute and mental force.

To sweat and bleed such fate abhorred,

then face this final, inevitable course.

Overlapping Lines

I stood
At the
Of a sharp
Fence of shadows
Careful not to get wounded
Careful not to bleed.
I was lost temporarily
From the presence
Of overlapping lines
Of spheres
And swords
And daggers
And of mistakes.

Making Room

Look at you, of concrete and metal
against the dark smudged sky.
The ground prepares to grumble,
but you kept asking me why?

Progress makes way for birth
of art built on stolid need.
Don’t worry about the hurt
your loneliness shall heed.

Translating a Stairway

Metallic, silver, and cold.
A contrast of the bold.
Of linear and angulated forms,
this far cry from the norm.

A bright, neon green,
impressive behind the scene.
Of loud and brilliant canvass
screaming opinions before us.