Dreamland Poems

Melt into Darkness

As the colors of the day melt into darkness,

like curtains flapping from a gentle breeze,

the daily routine molds into canvass,

floating and fleeting through air with ease.

Spirit Refuge

White morning shroud,

cast a misty shadow upon the lake.

Masking the tranquil fluid,

with a freshness of a moments haste.

Shades of blue afloat,

an upside down universe.

Reflection of a place – remote

enigmatic and diverse.

Nervous Cup

Poured black
in an empty cup
of solace.
Determined to wipe away
the tired

Hot steam rose,
from the stirring,
of a silver spoon.
Adjusting the warmth,
of liquid enhanced by
the color of black.

The Waiting Game

Playing possum on a bed.
No movements, no senses – dead.
The world stood fervently still,
for the body lay deeply ill.

Surreal Window

Love buzzed by the window,
a fragile little thing that echoed.
A mere fly shaped like a heart
outside, a kangaroo raced – a start!

Fountain of youth

Stories told us about a legendary fountain of youth that Ponce de Leon searched and found in America.

Planet’s Saviour

After seeing the movie Avatar, I just needed to express how I liked the story with a poem.

Defense of the Ancient Masters

Defender of the truth. She is the ideal defense of the ancient masters.

No Call to Counter Strike

A poem inspired by the fall of Gondolin.

A Short Visit

Traveling to a place down under, but only finding out that it was meant something else.