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I never knew I would get hooked with the game until I first tried playing three years ago. I was still a resident in Internal Medicine when one of the lady Surgery Consultants asked me if I know how play badminton. Recalling that I did some basic badminton in my childhood and also played the… Continue Reading

Looking Back to my College Years

Since I have started this blog, I couldn’t exactly figure out what to blog about. There are so many things I want to post. But for now, I would settle with articles, poems and stories. When I was in college, there were just so many exams and projects to make. Plus the teachers were a… Continue Reading

Valentines Day Related Topics from My Discussions at myLot

Two days from now is Valentine’s day. Thought it would be interesting to share some of the discussions I started at myLot. I got a lot of responses from topics that would talk about relationships. I think this tells us a lot about the majority of the members of myLot. They are mostly women who… Continue Reading

The Day I Became a Blogger

The term blog is actually a contraction of the words “web log.” Wikipedia defines it as “to maintain or to add content to a blog.” So, a blogger is someone who does this.  One cannot run out of blogs because there is plenty to go around. These are personal (most common), corporate, media, questions, device,… Continue Reading