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Black or Red Olloclip

Red or black?
Red or black?
Black is black,
and red is red.

Black is not red,
and red is not black.
Which color to take?
Which color will rock?

A Second Chance

I grabbed your desolate hand
to fulfill a promise
broken in the sand
with blind tears
and soundless

You quickened your angry pace
to leave behind emotions
that filled this desperate space
with my lonely heart
suffocating from
this dust
filled art.


I left

the silent gaze
of your sympathy
Stepping ever slowly
on shards of glass
as I walked away

I bled

Soul Patterns

Figures, forms, random, and repetitive,
Sequences of space and time -
shape stories.
Seeing, being, and occupying space.
She senses the essence of being there -
from here.

On her device,
she loosely listens,
distantly distracted,

Jasminum sambac aka “Sampaguita”

Tightly held in one hand,
arranged to adorn.
Ready for a big sale,
these flowers well-worn.

Golden Hour

After-5K Run Sunset Photo (right) taken by Frank Cunha III on 3/11/2012 Foggy Sunrise Photo (left) taken by Frank Cunha III on 3/14/2012 (iPhone4S, edited using Snapseed / Diptic apps) – USA Twice in a mundane day, unnoticed by most walks of life. The perfect scene of perfect light, strikes at the golden hour. Like… Continue Reading

Overlapping Lines

I stood
At the
Of a sharp
Fence of shadows
Careful not to get wounded
Careful not to bleed.
I was lost temporarily
From the presence
Of overlapping lines
Of spheres
And swords
And daggers
And of mistakes.

Nervous Cup

Poured black
in an empty cup
of solace.
Determined to wipe away
the tired

Hot steam rose,
from the stirring,
of a silver spoon.
Adjusting the warmth,
of liquid enhanced by
the color of black.

Sense of Humor

It’s not a good start
when habits are broken.
Waiting for appointments,
that have been forgotten.

Crappy network,
malfunctioning application.
All stirred up anger,
and ill-gotten emotions.

Tensed and hunched up,
fists formed and clenched.
Biting down on an anger
- repressed.

My Number Three

The original photo taken by my friend and international collaborator, Lorenzo Bernardino, inspired me to talk about the #3 and why I think it is such a fantastic number (besides the fact that it is my name). Here is link to other projects we have worked together on and click here to see other posts… Continue Reading