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Wrapped within a painting

0121201112101214 The clouds melted with the ocean, as a glint of hope flew over the horizon. A sea bird with my weary heart crossed continents. Daylight broke free from the seduction of the sun. While miracles formed cotton clouds, painting fantasies in the sky. There may still be a chance, to see the end of… Continue Reading

Skateboards, ramps, and the air

0116201119532005 A ramp blocks an amateur’s gaze, where ollies and airwalks incarnate. Friction of adrenaline rush the air, where pops and lifts  perpetuate. Deafening applause praise, these gods of extreme games. Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen, these generation-x hall of fame. Practiced spins and jumps, with fluid maneuvers and forms. Ecstatic with the beat of… Continue Reading

Knowledge lost

Cold sting on dry skin,
darkened skies loomed within.
Tears of ice on a fourth season,
dangling in the lights of reason.

Haiku Series: Rain in the Marshall Islands

Banquet 1130201007160720 Hundred thousand taste, splatter on parched hungry ground. Unquenchable thirst.

For St. Bernadette

Defying time, defying decay,
you lie sleeping in wait,
Proof of miracle and proof of faith,
well preserved and graced

Spirit of Fire

1025201019492013 Creative energy honed the spirit of fire, a product of thought with a bottomless desire. Raw brilliance without payment of gold, where mortal words touch a currency of old. Except for the price of an innocent soul, creatures of the mind, creating a whole. The depth of thought troubled by nil, just a poor… Continue Reading

Blaming the rain

I didn’t think it was the rain,
that started trouble yesterday.
It’s the bleak sound of pain,
that blew my mind away.

The Waiting Game

Playing possum on a bed.
No movements, no senses – dead.
The world stood fervently still,
for the body lay deeply ill.

Into the Pub

A narrow street leads to a neon sign,
where curious souls venture.
Into a dark and secluded line,
these hungry wolves commit pleasure.

Surreal Window

Love buzzed by the window,
a fragile little thing that echoed.
A mere fly shaped like a heart
outside, a kangaroo raced – a start!