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A list poem to promote a blog contest of one of my good friends online. Please make sure to click on the links to see the actual post. 1008201216401659 It’s been a while, I wonder why, No follow backs on my twitter profile. Could it be that I failed to read 10 reasons twitter thinks… Continue Reading

A woman

Through the hour glass

shaped wire

I make out a figure

of a woman.

Ever so Forlorn

0901201217551806 Silence sits into the night, of ephemeral company. Fire spits taunting delights, hungry for lustful symphony. Spheres arrive in controlled flight, illuminating dark soliloquy. Dance and spiral eager sights, of rectitude and solemnity. Beyond the yearning remains, ever so physical and haunting. A child in a dreamful restraint, awoke with cautious foreboding. Even the… Continue Reading


Light and shadow in a path,

across a bridge that builds a gap.

Fighting a long forsaken wrath,

unseen from a traveler’s map.

Engaged with words and swords,

battle with brute and mental force.

To sweat and bleed such fate abhorred,

then face this final, inevitable course.

It’s Spring

High 50s, sunny, and trees in bloom,

milkweed floating thru the air,

birds singing -

it’s spring.

But snow is on the ground!

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.– Plutarch

Melt into Darkness

As the colors of the day melt into darkness,

like curtains flapping from a gentle breeze,

the daily routine molds into canvass,

floating and fleeting through air with ease.

Spilled Ink

Letters fall

like droplets of ink

from scribbles

and bold forms.

Each letter fornicate

with each other

agglutinating words –

hurtful or loving.

Be Truthful to Yourself


As one thing falls,

another grows,

From North,

this brave wind blows,

Ever gently

in the breeze,

It chose this day

to seize,

Follow not,

unless you are led,

Go forth and prosper,

it said.

Spirit Refuge

White morning shroud,

cast a misty shadow upon the lake.

Masking the tranquil fluid,

with a freshness of a moments haste.

Shades of blue afloat,

an upside down universe.

Reflection of a place – remote

enigmatic and diverse.

Sunset and Springtime


This sunset and springtime,

colors of my tired mind.

Painting the memories,

of another lifetime.